I was born in 13.07.1979 at Taybad a town in the Khorasan province in eastern Iran. I first touched the steering wheel of a car when I was 10 years old.


Driver, captain, dad, husband

My father, who watched me from afar, later offered me introductory driving lessons. My father passed on to me this passion for driving and competition. In 1990, with the support of my family, I started with a Honda 125 cc motorcycle. It is with this bike that I admired for the first time the precision of Japanese engines.

On 05.05.1999 at the age of 20, I officially started racing on standard and safe tracks of the Motorcycle & Automobile Federation of I.R.IRAN (MAFIRI). Only one year after my first race, I was champion with my GT 1800cc car. I could claim to be the pioneer of this sport in my region.

To help and transmit our passion to the passionate, beginners and the youngest, we created the Mashhad team, and since its creation, I am proud to be the captain of this wonderful team. We have in our team Laleh Seddigh the first female driver in the history of Touring Car Champion of Iran, who has been recognized as the best female driver in the country.
In 2018 and 2019 for 2 consecutive years, I am the Iranian champion with more than 37 times on the first step of the podium with different models of 1600, 1800 and 2000 cc cars.

Since 2020, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) as the Ambassador of Road Safety nominated me. Road safety on the track and in everyday life is my main concern, I am sure that by respecting the traffic rules we can reduce the number of deaths due to driving.

Always be energetic on the podium.

Head of Education Committee 2021

Mohammad MEHRI Head of Education Committee 2021

Iran Champion GT 2019

Iran Champion 2019

Iran Champion GT 2018

Iran Champion 2018

FIA Ambassador of Road Safety 2020

Mohammad Mehri Ambassador of Road Safety FIA

1st GT 1800 cc Awards 01.09.2000

Mohammad Mehri 1st GT 1800 cc Awards 01-09-2000

FIA Level 3 Coach Certification 2020

Level 3 FIA coach certification 2020

. . .

and since the multiple victories succeed one another at each competition.


And only one year later, he reached the first step of the podium with his GT 1800 cc car.


Started his interest at the age of 20, beginning his career with 1600 cc cars.


Born in Tahybad in eastern Iran.

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